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Umrah Packages 2016

Prohibited things in Ihraam

Ihram is a state of clothing and deeds one forces upon him when he makes intention for Umrah or Hajj. Umrah and Hajj are perform in Kabah, situated in Mecca. Kabah symbolizes as the House of God so immense respect is given to this holy place. Following the holy ritual of Umrah or Hajj, and holiness of the Kbaha, certain actions which are otherwise halal are forbidden or Haram in the state of ihraam

Forbidden things

1.    Once entered in Haram, one must not frighten any animal or bird. It is also totally forbidden to hunt after any animal or bird as stated in Quran and Hadith.


 => Quran: Allah Al-Mighty said:”Lawful to you is (the pursuit of) water game and its use for food – for the benefit of yourselves and those who travel, but forbidden is (the pursuit of) land-game as long as you are in a state of Ihram (for Hajj or Umrah)”. (Al-Ma’ida 96)

 => Hadith: The prophet ,peace be with him , said : “This city is Haram (sacred) ; Allah has forbidden to cut its thorns , or to scare its games , or to pick up found objects except for giving them back to their owners “ (Al-Bukhary)


2.    One must not have haircut until he has completed his Umrah. Those who have some excuse to cut hair, they can do so after dong any of act settled for such matter.


 => Allah Al-Mighty said:” And do not shave your heads until the Hady reaches the place of sacrifice . And whosoever of you is ill or has and ilment in his scalp (necessitating shaving) , he must pay a Fidya (ransom) of either observing Sawm (fasts) (three days) , or giving Sadaqah (charity ; feeding six poor persons) , or offering sacrifice (one sheep)” (Al-Baqara 196).

 => The prophet , peace be upon him , said to a man who suffered from some insects in his hair :”Shave your head , and fast three days , or feed six poor people , or sacrifice a sheep” (Al-Bukhary)

 => One must not cut the nails.

 => Using fragrances or any perfumed object is totally prohibited.

 => It is forbidden to have sexual relations with spouse in the state of Ihram.

 => It is also forbidden to propose anyone for marriage or commence marriage during Umrah or Hajj.

 => One must not cover head with hat, turban or any other cloth (for men).


One must be careful about these things. When you choose an Umrah package, the travel agencies also provide you necessary information through specialized religious seminaries.